Kumawat Kshtriya's are originated from Prabhu Ramchandra’s family. Out of his two sons Luv & Kush, Kush's further generations are known as "Kushawat" ,further Kushawats were projected as "Kumavat".

These Kumawats basically are strong Rajputs from Raghuvanshiya origin. They were based in Rajastan & were experts in Vastukala, Shilpkala & Painting art. Kumawats done the erection work of Chittodghad & Kumbhalghad in 1565 , this was the time when Mughal emperors were acting very harsh on hindu communities especially the kshatriya's. To maintain the pride of the community & to protect the womens from mughal harassment, these kumawats migrated from Rajasthan to Maharashtra.

They first came to Kirki (Present Aurangabad City of Maharshtra), they were handed over the work for creating the image of Taj Mahal which is known as Biwi Ka Makbara by Malik Amber. They further migrated to various parts of Maharashtra. The Kumawats who came to Pune were handed over to construct the work of Shaniwarwada by Shrimant Bajirao Peshawe.

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